Each year at Johnnie's Bar in River Falls, they hold a fund drive and give the money to a local charity that focuses on people in our community.  Owners, Dave and Cheryl Dintemann invited Rhino's in to discuss our group and what we do.  Recently, they have announced that all proceeds from their 2015 Fund drive will go to Rhino's.  The fund raiser at Johnnie's is based on local beer sales for a period of time.  The bar will sell pint beer glasses for $3.00 that patrons can kee...
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The River Falls High School National Honor Society (RFNHS), a goup of about 60 students, has named Rhino's as the recipient of their 2015 Fund Drive (they vote on a new charity to donate to every year).  The RFNHS group puts on the Mr. River Falls High School (@MrRFHS Twitter) Pageant each year and Rhino's was invited to judge the event.  It was a great event that raised over $2,100 for Rhino's.  It's entertaining, it's fun and it is very well put together.  In addition, each...
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